sábado, septiembre 19, 2020
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TOP: The 10 best selling female albums in the United States on 2020


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We are officially 4 months into 2020, and we already know this is going to be an interesting and chaotic year. A pandemic, world war III threats on January, the NASA confirming the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects, also known as UFOs by their abbreviation, so many news that have had us all pretty nervous the entire year and has certain sectors of the economy struggling, the aviation market, by instance, has been one of the most affected ones because of the pandemic and the quarantine related to it.

But not all industries have had it rough during this difficult times of isolation and slow activity. The entertainment sector for example, is pretty much untouched by the problem, in fact, League Of Legends, the most famous videogame on the world, has seen an increased amount of  monthly players across all servers around the globe. Netflix, the main streaming service for visual media entertainment, is also taking some advantage of the situation with an increased number of monthly subscribers to the platform, mostly from people who need to kill some time while staying home and safe.

The music industry is not different to the two mentioned earlier, growing hits like “Say So” by Doja Cat are living proof of how music is prevalent during this time, not as strong as it used to be before it all started, that’s for sure, but still strong and significant. And just as a curious fact, here’s a list of the 10 female albums that have had  the most success during this time, counting every album no matter the release date, but counting only sales and streaming from January 1st to  the end of April. The order will be ascendant, which means the number 1 will be the bestselling album, the number two will be the second, etcetera.

10. “Romance” – Camila Cabello (Lanzado el 06 de Diciembre del 2019)











9. “Cuz I Love You” – Lizzo (Lanzado el 19 de Abril del 2019)

8. “Hot Pink” – Doja Cat (07 de Noviembre del 2019)

7. “Future Nostalgia” – Dua Lipa (27 de Marzo del 2020)

6.”Over It” – Summer Walker (04 de Octubre del 2019)

5. “Lover” – Taylor Swift (23 de Agosto del 2019)

4. “Rare” – Selena Gomez (10 de Enero del 2020)

3. “Chilombo” – Jhené Aiko (06 de Marzo del 2020)

2. “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” – Billie Eilish (19 de Marzo del 2019)

1. “MANIC” – Halsey (17 de Enero del 2020) 


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