Terms and conditions. Win a CD with Music Mundial

Terms and conditions of the contest – Official contest Rules (WORLDWIDE)

The contestants must follow all the specifications that are put on the Music Mundial website, more specifically in the official entry of the contest which will be known thanks to the entry title.

  1. Organization of the contest: Music Mundial, who is family with TOP MUNDIAL MUSICAL and POPLITE will be promoting the contest “Win a CD with Music Mundial” which is only on course by the mentioned pages.
  2. Website and networks: To pick the the winner, musicmundial.com will be the only one used and at no time will your personal information be requested for the log in to our platform. (If you have any doubts contact us ). The Music Mundial media pages will be used to link you the contest’s page.
  3. How to apply the contest: You must follow the steps already mentioned in the contest rules, if any of the requirements are omitted, it’ll be a reason for disqualification.
  4. Prize delivery: The date will be determined days before the announcement of the winner. Music Mundial reserves the right to choose the date to finalize the contest.
  5. Selection of the winner: The winner will be selected via Music Mundial and a livestream will be made at the time of selection.
  6. How much for the purchase: The winner will take a $50 coupon which will be used for CD purchase + sending it to your door
  7. Item Purchase: The winner will have the chance to choose the CD that he/she likes as long as is within the reach of Music Mundial (see point 6). If the CD + shipment are more expensive than the coupon, the request will be rejected and the user should proceed to choose another CD with a lower price, whether in its Standard or Deluxe version.
  8. Oficial Item: The CD will only be bought in official stores of the artists; if you win and your favorite artist does not have an official store (on their websites) you can buy it via EBAY under YOUR responsibility.

Amazon is not a possibility

  1. Countries & Ages: You can participate regardless of your age, however, you must consider the shipping by mail to your country, if the official store of the artist charges more than estimated in the coupon ($ 50) for shipping + the CD we will not be able to do anything but asking you to look for another way to claim your prize (Ebay or another artist with Official Store).

With the above being more specific we mean that if you buy in a Canadian store (Ex; Avril Lavigne) and live in Argentina, the shipping will be a little more expensive. You should look for a closer store.

  1. Waiting time: At the moment of making the purchase, the artist’s website where we’ll buy the CD will give us an estimated time of waiting to receive your CD. You will be given a copy of the invoice so that you know that the purchase has been made, if in case you don’t receive it in time we will contact the store to ask what has happened and we will contact you back.
  2. Something Else: The maximum official amount is 50 dollars; the remainder of the purchase is in the hands of Music Mundial

Music Mundial reserves the right to edit and add any of these terms and conditions.