miércoles, diciembre 2, 2020
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BEST FANDOM 2020 ROUND #3 – Who will win? Vote now!


BLACKPINK anuncia ‘THE SHOW’, su nuevo proyecto virtual a estrenar este 27 de diciembre

BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA (virtualmente). El cuarteto de K-pop anunció este miércoles 2 de diciembre que se unirán a...

Harry Styles finalmente rompe el silencio sobre su estadía en One Direction y lo cuenta todo

En una nueva entrevista con Variety, Harry Styles explicó por qué él y sus coprotagonistas nunca han visto sus...

Taylor Swift da adelanto de las versiones regrabadas de su antigua música con ‘Love Story’

Taylor Swift ha revelado el primer fragmento oficial de su nueva versión de la exitosa canción Love Story de...

When you relate to an artist’s music, when you hear what they are trying to say in the midst of the lyrics, and you invest yourself in it so much that you get tired of it but still play “repeat”, that’s when you become a fan, unconsciously. And for any artist out there, that’s the goal, to connect to people in a meaningful way, and to celebrate that connection, we are hosting a poll to find out which one is the biggest and most loyal group of fans.

Our community has a wide spectrum of “fandoms”, so we had to put some of them against each other, striving to make it as fair as we could but we have to draw a line, count the votes and start a new round with the strongest fandoms. at this point, month and a half after it began, we have come down to the last 24 participants.

Down here we leave the poll, vote for the fandoms that you connect with the most, as the voting ends, we will be updating you on who makes the cut and who doesn’t, for the next round. Good luck to everyone in the polls.

You can vote for ALL NOMINEE on BEST KPOP-POP FANDOM 2020: There’s only 1 poll for each category, votes will be counted at the moment it ends. So, make sure to get enough votes to beat the other contestant.
UNLIMITED VOTING: applies but we have a threshold that is setting and allows a set number of votes from an unique IP address in a time period of 20 – 30 votes per period. Voters who pass this will see a message that says “Please vote again after threshold period expires” (6 minutes) and refresh the page.
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Selena Gomez está grabando nuevos vídeos musicales

Selena Gomez no se queda quieta, tras estar trabajando en invitar a todos a votar, y en su nueva música, el día 24 de...

Ariana Grande estaría liderando la cima de Billboard tras lanzar su nuevo álbum

Cuando hablamos de poder, no podemos negar que Ariana Grande tiene una fanaticada y un poder de aceptación bastante fuerte.En esta ocasión se espera...

Blackpink estaría lanzando álbumes adicionales este Diciembre de 2020

Una gran noticia para los BLINKS está recién salida del horno, pues se ha informado que nueva música está en camino. Aunque el anuncio...


The semifinal is here! Just the 8 stronger fandoms are here. Who will win in this VERSUS round?⭐RULES⭐ You can vote for EVERYBODY on BEST...