sábado, agosto 15, 2020
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Grammys 2021: Who Will Win? Vote now for Album Of The Year and Song Of The Year


Le preguntaron a Adele sobre su nuevo álbum y ella respondió

Adele es una de las cantantes que más se espera lance un nuevo material discográfico, pero parece ser que...

Miley Cyrus afirma no estar preparada para lanzar un nuevo álbum

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Shawn Mendes y Camila Cabello han decidido “Apartarse un tiempo” de su relación

Según algunos informes no oficiales, la pareja conformada por el cantante Canadiense Shawn Mendes y la cantante Cubano-Estadounidense Camila...

Billboard, the most important music magazine in the United States and probably worldwide, is also the magazine in charge of the hit list for the USA.

Not only they count sales and streams to determinate which song or album was the most popular at any given time, but they also have a certain amount of critics working on the magazine, so they occasionally predict what some of the Grammy categories and the nominations will look like, and they are often right about those predictions. And this year, has not been the exception.

The Grammy Award is an award given to artist that achieve excelency in the field, and is held annualy and presented by the Recording Academy, formed of a pannel of critics and experts in the field. This award is one of the four major awards for the entertainment in the United States, alongside The Oscars (for films), The Tony Awards (for theater) and the Emmys (television), all four combined are commonly known as E.G.O.T.

The Billboard Magazine has posted their predictions for who they think will be nominated for next years Grammy Awards, and as always, has generated a lot of comments from the internet users. Some people agree, some people don’t, so we have created this pool for you to predict who could win based on Billboard’s predictions. After submiting your vote, you can see which option has been the most popular so you can compare your opinion to the public’s opinion.



Iggy Azalea regresa con un nuevo sencillo con una artista misteriosa

Iggy Azalea es una de las raperas más reconocidas de toda la industria musical, tras habernos dado éxitos como Fancy, Work y Black Widow...

Conoce los detalles sobre el impacto radial de la nueva canción entre Selena Gomez y BLACKPINK

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Confirmado: Tendremos nueva canción de BLACKPINK y Selena Gomez

Anteriormente veníamos hablando de una futura colaboración entre BLACKPINK y un artista invitado que aún no se sabía quien era... muchos especulaban que era...

BEST FANDOM 2020 ROUND #3 – Who will win? Vote now!

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