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Shopping online? Use this to get back some of the money you spend!


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We know online shopping is one of life’s sweatiest pleasures since there’s no need to physically go to the store, so what could possibly be better than getting back part of the money you spent on your purchase? Today, you’ve come to the right place.

We present to you Letyshop, a platform where you can get back from 5.6% up to 30% of the money you spend on the 2000 brands they work with.

Imagine you just paid 100 dollars on EBay for that bicycle that you’ve wanted for the longest time, but then your friend buys the same item, on the same store, and he only pays 90 dollars for it just because he used this platform and received back 10 dollars to buy any other item. How? Is it reliable? Can I use it too? The answer is yes, it is reliable and yes, you can use it for free.

First things first, you need to register on the platform following this link: https://smarturl.it/OnlineCashback 

You need to fill this box with your email address and a password, which you shouldn’t share with anybody, for safety purposes.

Then, proceed providing your country and currency you use.

Once registered, you need to confirm your account with the email address you provided earlier, which is important because otherwise, the discounts available won’t apply to your purchases.

After confirming your account with the email, you can log in to check if your premium plan has been activated, this will give you +30% on Cashback for a limited amount of time.

We are gifting you the premium status for the first 7 days so you can enjoy buying with cashback, with this Premium status your cashback rate increases up to 30% from the initial rates.

On the site you can find numerous virtual shops that you may commonly use, just like Walmart, iTunes and TripAdvisor, among many others. This shops offer discounts when using this platform in return from the platform leading the buyers to them, so it’s a win-win for them, and also for you.

On this case, Booking.com is offering a 3.9% cashback when buying from the USA using the platform, but how do we make it count? As simple as this steps:

Search for the store you want to buy from and take a look at the information and the discount they show, if that seems reasonable to you, just click on the “Go to store” button. Below that button, you can take a look at the reviews so you have a little more information.

Always take into account: every store has different politics, on the case above we can see the details that state that Booking.com offers a 3.9% cashback, which has an average between 60 to 90 days for the money to get credited back.

Also, below that, we can see some conditions, one of them, for instance, warns you that the Cashback will not apply if you also use Wizz Discount Club Card.

Once you press the “Go to store” button, a personalized link will open, you will have to use that link to buy what you want. It will be a long URL address, and this is the one and only URL that will apply the discounts offered for you.

This is a good option when you are looking for hotels rooms, imagine you are going to South America, with the money you get back from the discount, you could pay for other things that you may need for the trip, and this is just one of the many uses this platform has. Getting the most out of it, is up to you.

It also has this google extension that lets you compare prices from today to days before so you can always know when the pricing is the lowest so you can always save the most money, buying on the right moment. (You can install this extension from the platform itself)

With the cashback extension you will be able to activate the Cashback, take a look at people’s comments and compare pricings over periods of time. Go ahead! Any opportunity to save some money is appreciated, especially during this difficult times on quarantine.


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