Camila Cabello es la nueva embajadora de Save The Children

Camila Cabello se ha convertido en la nueva embajadora de la organización internacional Save The Children.

Su misión será crear consciencia y luchar por los derechos de los niños en los Estados Unidos y alrededor del mundo.

Hace unos meses, la intérprete de «Consequences» visitó una guardería apoyada por la organización en Puerto Rico, la cuál fue afectada por el Huracán Maria. Cabello junto a su madre jugó con los niños, les leyó cuentos y habló con ellos.

«nos encanta que la dedicación y la pasión de camila por la música se extienda a ayudar a los niños más vulnerables del mundo» dijo la presidenta y CEO de save the children, carolyn miles.

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GUUUUYS!! I am so excited to announce that I’ll be working with @SaveTheChildren as their newest ambassador!!!!!!!! Anyone who knows me knows how much I treasure kids and the responsibility I feel to set a good example for them- every time I see a little kid come up to me in my meet and greet I feel so happy and my heart goes all soft. I like kids more than I like adults, their innocence, their playful and light way of looking at life, their imagination, their honesty, their tenderness, their kindness- every time I see a kid I just want to protect them from everything bad in the world. I only wish that all kids could preserve that innocence and purity and hopefulness for as long as they can, and in disasters and catastrophic events like Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, or the refugee crisis in Syria- these situations take away a kid’s childhood and like the first founder of @SaveTheChildren said, they experience things even adults should not experience…. I hope that you’ll check their site out and donate what you can, because the work they do is so important and I feel so passionately about it because I love kids and having a sister ten years younger than me, I see how pure and innocent and full of light she is- and I see her face in every young person I meet- that’s why I’m conscious of everything I do keeping her in mind- I think of these kids younger than her going through these traumatic situations and it breaks my heart. I hope if you can, you can donate to their website! The link is: ❤️

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«estoy agradecida de haber conocido a estos niños y familias fuertes y valientes que necesitan nuestra ayuda. ver al dedicado equipo de save the children en puerto rico fue inspirador» dijo camila a la revista people.

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