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Jueves, Agosto 24, 2017
Inicio Electropop (Round 3) Summer 2017: Vote for the best song.

(Round 3) Summer 2017: Vote for the best song.


Hey Music Mundial’s fans! Summer is here and we are soooooo excited for the songs that the artists have released for us. This season is one of the most important of the year, because many artists (and their labels) send the songs to the radio to impact the public.

This year, artists like Luis Fonsi, Ed Sheraan and Bruno Mars have released songs that became in worldwide hits.

So, we are here to pick up the best song of the summer, and our team has chosen 16 of the biggest songs. These songs are incredible and have a lot of great rhythms, lyrics, artworks and videos. You have the power to choose the winner, so, let’s vote below and share it with your friends:

Remember to visit us everday to vote again! 

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