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23 febrero 2016

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March Madness by Music Mundial


The March Madness has started and it's time for our followers to chose who is the best artist!

These past two years we've had so much activity in the music industry, and we have chosen various artists to participate in a one to one versus to see who is the best artist, from Adele, that broke music's most important records, to Lady Gaga, that even though we haven't had new music from her in a while, she has always been present in the industry.

These artists have released amazing songs, we have had summer hits like 'Cool For The Summer' songs that makes us want to hit the dance floor like 'Sorry' from Jusin Bieber, without forgetting record breaking songs like "Hello" from worldwide star Adele.

Some songs have had more success than others, like we have been able to see in the charts and on our Trend 10. But that doesn’t matter in this year’s competition.
You guys may ask: Why these versus? Here is the answer: We want to check how strong and loyal are the fans, voting for their favorite artist to win this year's March Madness, and it’s all up to you.
Our March Madness will consist in two phases: 'Championship' phase and the 'Bonus Madness' phase. The artist that takes the throne will have promotion on all our social networks. And trust us, we will find a way to make all of our followers happy.

But don't worry, if your favorite artists doesn't win this year, she or he has the chance to participate for next year's event, which we truly hope will be very improved.

But what are you waiting for? Don't waste your time and start voting down below for your favorite musician and don't forget to share this so your fandom can vote too.
March is definitely going to be a month of MADNESS!


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